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They Build, Scale, And Sell 10,000 Tech Companies In 10 Years

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“I have been approached by 1,000’s of people who want the inside scoop on what Project 10K is doing which is why we launched  Project 10K Insider for those who want proximity to our team, our company, and our movement.” 

-Jared Yellin, Founder of Project 10K

Our Moonshot

Build, Scale and Sell 10,000 Tech Companies In Ten Years While Building
An Insider Community of Over 1,000,000 Insiders 

Remember, We Will Wildly Over-Promise 
But EPICLY Over-Deliver

Subject: Important Letter From  Jared Yellin, Founder of Project 10K

Hello Project 10K Insider,

Jared Yellin here, Founder of Project 10K, and your guide, mentor, and experience creator for Project 10K Insider. I am honored, excited, and ready to go deep with you AND to show you our world.

What Project 10K is doing has NEVER (and I repeat...NEVER) been done before as we set an entirely new standard in entrepreneurship while democratizing the technology by giving everyone a chance to become a Tech Founder with our support. 

The single most common request we hear is that people YEARN for access and a role in co-authoring the moonshot and story we are currently writing…

10,000 Tech Companies In 10 Years!

As I began to explore various ways to get YOU involved, I landed on two initially…

Become A Co-Founder

Become An Angel Investor

Although both of these access points are extraordinary, they are not inclusive of people who don’t fit into either of these molds BUT yearn to be involved. 

This is why I was wracking my brain to find a path to open a door to 100,000,000’s of people from around the world and the most obvious step forward was…

Project 10K Insider
Proximity - Rewards - Access - Education - Relationships

But what is an INSIDER...


a person within a group
 or organization, especially someone privy to information unavailable to others.

This definition creates the right framework for our INSIDER Tribe, but remember, we are committed to deeply over-promising and then wildly over-delivering so what you are about to read is included in Project 10K Insider at this very moment, but we can guarantee you that the amount of surprise and delight will absolutely blow your mind. 

So much so…

You will feel that you should pay us more money, give us more gratitude, and remain part of our INSIDERS forever. 

But instead of defaulting to this place, our only request is that you PLAY ALL OUT and immerse yourself in the experience.

Take a look at some of what’s included...

PROXIMITY - Behind The Scenes of Project 10K

One Week = One Year In The Real World

This is how we roll at Project 10K and what happens in one week inside of our company is what most people experience in an entire year and we want you to experience our pace with the exclusive Behind The Scenes Access for our Insiders.

Some of these opportunities will include…

  • Exclusive Weekly What's On Your Napkin Debriefs to understand why we said YES, why we said NO, and where we need your HELP
  • ​Earn Phantom Stock whenever a new tech company is referred
  • ​​Premium Affiliate opportunities on all Project 10K companies offering Premium Affiliates
  • ​Ability to Prioritize people to get on the What's On Your Napkin show
  • ​​​Bloopers which will leave you in stitches and are only available behind the scenes with our Insiders

Total Value: At Least $4,500

REWARDS - Project 10K Insider Black Card

Earn at least a 5% discount on every Project 10K company inside of the reward platform for Project 10K Insider. This alone will save you more than the price of admission WHILE earning you points that will be integrated into our Project 10K Insider gamitization corner where we have TONS of surprise and delight opportunities. Whether you are signing up for a SaaS platform, marketplace utilization, or a paid for social network, you will get the best price offered since you are one of our Insiders who is helping us co-author the story of our collective impact. 

You will receive your black card in the mail within 45-days of joining us.

Total Value: At Least $1,500

ACCESS - First On Everything*

Imagine gaining access to ClubHouse or Instagram or Slack or Salesforce.com before anyone else. Well, this is exactly what Project 10K Insiders will offer you whether it's’ a day, week or even month before the rest of the world. 

Here’s just a few of the EARLY ACCESS opportunities...

  • Software BETA Testing
  • ​First-User Access
  • ​In-Person and Virtual Events
  • ​Private Section For All Insiders At Events
  • ​Insider Parties
  • ​VERY Creative NFT Drop
  • ​And So Much More!

Access is going to be consumed with surprise and delight so this list is a working list that we will add to as opportunities are presented.

*Each Project 10K company is given the opportunity to participate and we expect 90% of them will.

Total Value: At Least $2,500

EDUCATION - Tech Mastery

We are committed to providing the right amount of education so that you can sharpen your knowledge on tech and eventually become a tech co-founder with us once your BIG IDEA is crystallized. The educational side of Project 10K Insider is filled to the brim with the following resources

  • So You Wanna Be A Tech Founder*
  • ​Quarterly Human Ingenuity Challenges
  • ​Regular Teachings From Project 10K Executives And Alliances
  • ​Exclusive Ideation Sessions

Total Value: At Least $3,500

*Coming Q1 of 2022 - Course

RELATIONSHIPS - Private Social Platform

Once you become a Project 10K Insider you will gain immediate access to our private social platform to connect, collaborate, and enjoy each of our fellow insiders in our tribe. This platform is NOT Facebook so you will be safe and all of your data will be protected. Our community will produce new ideas, new synergies, new alliances, and a whole ton of newness. Plus, this is where we will store all supporting resources including videos, posts, downloadables, etc.

Total Value: Priceless







For only $997 for TWO years! (Limited to first 1,000 Founding Members)

There has never been an offer and an opportunity like Project 10K Insider because there has NEVER been a company like Project 10K. What we are doing in the space of entrepreneurship within the most powerful vehicle for impact and economics in the world, tech, will set an entirely new standard for possibility.


We can’t do it alone AND we want to invite you to join us as an INSIDER on this journey.

YES, we are promising a TON, but wait until you see what we will DELIVER.

Join us…
Become an insider…
Co-author a story with me…

To Build…
To Scale…
To Sell…

10,000 Tech Companies In 10 Years!

Excited to see you on the inside…

Live with Intention,

PS: We only have 1,000 Founding Member Project 10K Insiders which will save you $10,000’s over time while offering you an entire year for FREE

You have NOTHING to lose and immense amounts ot gain AND everything to lose if you don’t say YES...I am in!

Let’s do this!

Meet Some Of Our Founders, Strategic Alliances, And Wonderful People In Our Ecosystem

Peggy Meyer

Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco 
Co-founder of Blooprinted

Crystal Morrison
Co-founder of Meerkat Village

Yanik Silver

Peggy Meyer
Co-founder of Field Pocket

Josh Osteen
Co-founder of ClaimGuru

Project 10K is democratizing the technology industry by giving EVERYONE from ANYWHERE the opportunity to build, scale, and sell their tech company.

 - Jared Yellin

Only $997/Year Plus You Get Your Second Year FREE Plus Plus And Your Rate Locked In Forever!

You Are Perfect For Us If And Only If...

When we think of the RIGHT person, here’s who comes to mind…

  • Integrous
  • ​Entrepreneurial
  • ​Interested in Tech
  • Fascinated with Project 10K Incubator
  • ​Desire to Get Involved with our moonshot
  • ​Previous or current tech founders
  • ​Investors and Angel Investors
  • ​Crowdfunding experts

The Vision...

The vision for Project 10K Insider is 1,000,000 members inside of our tribe from every country and around the world. 1,000,000 insiders will guarantee the success for every individual portfolio company while also exponentially improving the quality of life for every member as tech entrepreneurship simply makes lives better! 

Founding Members Will Be Our Lifetime Partners

We use the world partner VERY seriously…

You ARE our partner…
You ARE in our family…
You ARE an insider…

We hope you stay for a lifetime, but even if it’s temporary and we end on the right foot, our door is ALWAYS open to you, but we encourage you to come fully inside, go all out, commit to yourself that this small investment will be one of the best you have ever made.

Take a look at the value proposition you are gaining and all you need to do right now is say YES...







For only $997 for TWO years! (Limited to first 1,000 Founding Members)

We have an insatiable desire to find the RIGHT person with the RIGHT idea in the RIGHT market and with the RIGHT business model. If we get  these FOUR RIGHTS, we will co-found a company with you. Build, Scale,  and Sell 10,000 tech companies by 2031 in order to eliminate at least one inefficiency for every person on the planet.

 - Jared Yellin

Only $997/Year Plus You Get Your Second Year FREE Plus Plus And Your Rate Locked In Forever!

Most Common Questions

Everything you need to know about
Project 10K Insider product billing and payment

Are there any hidden fees?
ZERO, each individual Project 10K company might have fees to use their platforms but you will get a discount with the reward card.
How much time will this take me a week?
There is ZERO expectation of time, but an hour a week is more than enough.
Will I benefit even if I don’t use the rewards card?







For only $997 for TWO years! (Limited to first 1,000 Founding Members)

What’s the best offer you can make?

The offer above is only for 1,000 FIRST-INSIDERS so we encourage you to take action NOW!

Iron-Clad Zero Annoyance Or Game 30-Day Refund Policy

You have 30-days to give Project 10K Insider a whirl and if for any reason this offer is not right for you,
 and you cancel via an email to [email protected] with your request, 
we will then issue you a full refund with zero hassle.

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