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WHY You MUST Invest In Early-Stage Tech As An Accredited Investor

Subject: you are missing a tidal wave of wealth

Hello Accredited Investor,

I am not sure if we have met before, but my name is Jared Yellin and I am the Founder of Project 10K AND an accredited investor since 2007. I have been preaching for many years the importance of investing a portion of your portfolio in early-stage tech because this one decision has the potential to have you never think about money ever again.

REAL ESTATE is a wonderful investment...
STOCK MARKET is a great opportunity…
CRYPTO is a wild ride…
OWNING A BUSINESS is downright epic…

But there is nothing as fun, exhilarating, and financially liberating as investing in an early-early stage tech company and going on the ride.

The #1 challenge you will have is finding quality deals. They are almost non-existent and nearly every deal you find will be as risky as going all-in on black in Las Vegas. 

Do you know Joe Montana? 

Joe is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but when he played, salaries for professional athletes were not like they are today. In Joe’s entire career he earned about $20,000,000 which is less than Tom Brady earns in one year today.

But Joe has done extremely well OFF the field by investing in early-stage tech!

A few years ago, he invested $100,000 in a company called GitLab which later sold for $16.5 billion which led to Joe’s investment growing to $43,000,000!

There is NO WHERE Joe could have invested $100,000 and produced that outcome.

But I get it, early-stage tech is risky!

Well, this is only true if you don’t have access to deal flow.

For example, if you have $100,000 to invest in early-stage tech and you only see ONE DEAL, then yes this is EXTREMELY risky, but when you see multiple deals each week once you sign up for our FREE newsletter, you are able to pick and choose the deals that make the most sense to you AND diversify your investment.

Company A: $10,000
Company B: $25,000
Company C: $15,000
Company D: $25,000
Company E: $10,000
Company F: $15,000

The above represents the potential to never think about money ever again which is why we have decided to invite you to sign up for our FREE newsletter which will be sent at least 1X each week highlighting many of the investment opportunities that exist within Project 10K. There is ZERO pressure to invest but by signing up you will at least get a behind the scenes look at the most impactful, most exciting, and most lucrative Project in the history of entrepreneurship…PROJECT 10K where we will build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.

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Live with Intention,

Founder of Project 10K

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Absolutely FREE - No Strings Attached - Sign Up ASAP!

The Project 10K Investor Newsletter Is Released 
At Least 1x Each Week

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